FAQs and Guides

The following FAQs and guides are the property of their writers. I would like to thank them for allowing their work on to be displayed on this site. If anyone else would like to submit something they have written, please send it.                                                                     


Special Characters FAQ Mibel83
FAQ about the special characters that will join Alphonse in the game.
Saia/Lobelia FAQ Tetra
FAQ all about using and obtaining Saia and Lobelia.
Dismiss Quotes FAQ Gilgamesh1095
FAQ about the quotes from dismissing people and beasts.
Treasure Locations Terence & DeadS
List of all of the treasure locations in the game.
Character Hacking Guide Soren Kanzaki
Great guide on hacking characters in the game.
Item Hacking Guide Soren Kanzaki
Great guide on hacking items and spell books in the game.
Anbicion Trick Lans Hamilton
A trick on how to get the Anbicion and particular emblems on any game.
Path B Guide PsychicGengar
Covers the early levels and the entire B route.
Angel Knight FAQ Drgnmaster00
An FAQ all about obtaining and using angel knights.
Cybil & Rictor FAQ CO_Eagle19
An FAQ about Cybil and Rictor, two special characters in the game.
Lich FAQ Agnahc
An FAQ all about liches in the game.
Emblem FAQ Almasy
An FAQ about emblems in the game and how to get them.
Snapdragon FAQ Almasy
An FAQ all about using the snapdragon item in the game.
Glycinia Guide Salogy88
An original outlook at where Glycinia appears and all the items you can get.
Gameshark Guide Olan
Guide full of Gameshark codes and stat growth.
Ripple's and Relix's Emblems Guide DragoonWraith
A well written guide on the best ways to earn the hard to get emblems.
Character Duplication Guide Popcorn Demon
Guide on how to duplicate characters and using snapdragon on them
Gorgon FAQ TreasureFinder
Guide about the strategies for gorgons and how to use them effectively in combat.
Ogre Battle Statistics and Sales Data Tetra
Word Document discussing sales figures and interesting information regarding the games in the Ogre Battle Saga.
Walkthrough for A & B Paths Cheesedude
A great walkthrough that goes through both paths and includes detailed information about each battle.


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