1. Blood Reign
Requirement: kill 25 enemies
Effect: enemies within 3 panels drop 1 mental gauge   

2. Dragon Scale
Requirement: kill 5 dragons
Effect: opens up dragoon class, persuading beasts is reduced by 50% 

3. Animal Hunter
Requirement: kill 5 beasts
Effect: talking to animal success rate is decreased by 50%

4. Exorcist
Requirement: exorcise 5 undead
Effect: enemy undead within 3 panels drop 1 mental gauge 

5. Self Preservation
Requirement: kill an enemy with a counterattack (train ok) 
Effect: counterattack damaged is raised 

6. Berserk
Requirement: kill an enemy at full health in one hit (train ok)
Effect: extends the period of biorhythm

7. Arbitration
Requirement: persuade 5 enemies
Effect: persuasion success rate is increased by 30%

8. Broken Heart (male characters only)
Requirement: fail persuading female enemies 10 times
Effect: period of biorhythm down

8. Vixin's Whisper (female characters only)
Requirement: persuade a male character
Effect: opens up witch class

9. Sniper
Requirement: 5 successful attacks with a bow in a row (train ok)
Effect: +10 agility

10. Fist Fight
Requirement: kill someone with bare hands and no equipment (train ok)
Effect: unarmed strength is increased

11. Heavenly Spirit
Requirement: use heal magic 20 times (train ok)
Effect: opens up priest class

12. Don Quixote
Requirement: have a character lose 2/3 of their life from a counterattack (train ok)
Effect: -10 intelligence

13. Centurion
Requirement: have one character finish off all enemies in a stage
Effect: +20 strength

14. Charisma
Requirement: when strength, agility, or intelligence becomes 350 or more
Effect: allies within 3 spaces have their mental gauge raised by one

15. Bullpen Ace
Requirement: kill 20 people in training
Effect: increases damage in training by 25%

16. Bogus Hero
Requirement: gain 20 levels by training 
Effect: cannot perform critical hits (negated by miracle)

17. The Pen and the Sword 
Requirement: kill 4 enemies with magic/special attacks and 4 enemies with physical attacks 
Effect: opens up warlock class

18. Gibe of Fallen Angel
Requirement: have a cleric or priest kill 3 people with physical attacks 
Effect: alignment moves 1 level toward chaos

19. Lancer
Requirement: hit 2 people with a spear at the same time (train ok)
Effect: opens up valkyrie class

20. Philosopher's Stone 
Requirement: kill 2 or more units with one magic or special attack (train ok)
Effect: opens up siren class

21. War God
Requirement: do 200 or more damage with one physical attack (train ok)
Effect: +30 strength, -30 intelligence

22. Knight's Certificate
Requirements: be counterattacked 15 times
Effect: opens up knight class

23. Book of Initiation 
Requirement: dodge 3 physical attacks in a row (train ok)
Effect: opens up swordmaster class

24. Miracle
Requirement: dodge an attack with 5% HP or less remaining (train ok)
Effect: increases critical hit rate and negates Bogus Hero

25. Embodiment of Desires
Requirement: pick up 5 buried treasures and/or treasure bags
Effect: rank of treasure found is raised by 1

26. Archangel's Feather
Requirement: be revived during battle or training
Effect: opens up angel knight class

27. The Cycle of Life
Requirement: have a ghost or zombie dragon reincarnated (Alphonse: receive the Game Over ending) 
Effect: The mental gauge of undead within 3 spaces goes up 1 

28. Mark of the Elite 
Requirement: win a battle with 2 or less characters
Effect: receive an automatic level up

29. Lucky Soldier
Requirement: go through a linked battle without taking damage
Effect: average biorhythm increased

30. Mark of Valor
Requirement: complete the win condition of a linked battle
Effect: amplitude of biorhythm is decreased

31. Veteran Soldier
Requirement: kill an enemy in a linked battle
Effect: +15 STR, +15 AGI, +15 INT

32. Relix's Emblem 
Requirement: have a male character become all 14 classes (Alphonse: beat the game)
Effect: mental gauge stays at +2

32. Ripple's Emblem
Requirement: have a female character become all 14 classes
Effect: mental gauge stays at +2

32. Grozz Nuy's Emblem
Requirement: have a dragon go through all 8 of the dragon classes
Effect: mental gauge stays at +2


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