*Thank you Samuel for submitting information for this section.*


Spells, equipment, and expendables can be traded over a game link from one save file to another. Any type of item can be traded for any other. A way of duplicating items is to trade off things from a backup file that can be saved over. By saving over, everything that is traded can be replenished. The person receiving the items can just exchange cure leaves and sell some of the traded goods to buy more.

Equipment that cannot be traded:
Circlet of Wisdom
Pearl Necklace
Snapdragon sword

Expendables that cannot be traded:
Snapdragon scroll

All spells can be traded.

Vs. Mode

The following information on VS. Mode was provided by Samuel from the message board with some help from me. 

In Vs. Mode, two people link up GBAs to battle. Each person chooses up to 5 characters for their team. There are some restrictions on the spells each character can use. There are no equipment restrictions.

Time Flux
Fluid Magic

Here are the prizes obtained in Vs. Mode for battling:





Angel Fruit
Winged Shoes
Holy Comet

Sorcerer's cup
Rune Plate
Dark Shield
Dragon Armor
Ripple's Staff

Bloody Cleaver
Sword Emblem
Gypsy Queen
Sherwood Hat
Dragon Armor
Sword of Tiamat

Cloak of Authority

Black Armor
Frozen Axe
Dragon Shield
Earth Javelin
Mystic Hammer

Crown of Intellect





Thunder Bow
Stone of Swiftness
Inca Rose
Dragon Helm
Goblin Helm
Fur Coat
Forest Boots
Saint's Garb

Cup of Life
Cloak of Oath
Cursed Garment
Chocolate Shield
Candy Armor

Sacred Ring
Ring of Flotation
Dark Ring

Dragon Gem
Candy Helm
Cassowary Feather
Tome of Discipline
Urn of Chaos
Healing Essence
Magic Essence
Altar of Resurrection

Spirit Fruit
Wisdom Fruit
Healing Salve
Magic Salve
Mirror of the Gods
Healing Seed
Magic Seed
Altar of Resurrection


Ok here is how to get them. In VS. Mode, each thing you do gives or takes away points.

Action is successful -----> +2point
Action goes wrong --------> -1point
An enemy is murdered ----->+10point
A friend is murdered -----> -5point

When the battle ends, a score is calculated. The score you get determines the prizes given out.

50 or more points A,B,H
40-49 B,C,H
30-39 C,D,H
20-29 D,E,H
10-19 F,G,H
(-10)-9 G,Hx2
(-11) or Less points Hx3



In Vs. Mode, there are three settings to choose from for battling. The first is "Kill the Leader." In this setting, your objective is to kill your opponent's leader. Each player chooses their own leader. The second is "Kill All Enemies." In this setting, your objective is to wipe out all of your opponent's forces. The third and final setting is "5 Turn Advantage." In this setting, each player recieves 5 turns to try and do as much damage to their opponent as possible whether it be killing someone or weakening them. Whoever gets the most points at the end of 5 turns is the winner.


While you only play with 5 characters, a good Vs. Mode team should include more than that. Depending on map and situation, such as whether you start on the top or bottom of the battlefield, or whether the map is watered, can factor into which members you chose. If the map is extremely hilly and your spell casters have slow movement and thus can't navigate, don't use them. Pick someone who can move more easily. If you are on a castle map and start at the top of the castle, by all means use ranged attackers to damage the enemy before they get a chance to retaliate. The name of the game is >Tactics< Ogre, and in a vs. battle with two teams of level 50 characters tactics will make the difference.
The start of your strategy is devising your 5 characters. One major decision to make is whether you want to use spell casters for offensive purposes. Since items cannot be used, one or two healers should be a staple in your team unless you are going for a commando squad that will wipe the enemy out fast... REALLY fast. Now,  offensive spell casting has its benefits: summons have a large area of effect, as do other powerful spells such as Fiend's Grip. Also, there are ranged attacks, which allows you to keep a safe distance from the enemy. However, they are slow; It takes turns to charge up MP, and in that time fast enemy melee fighters can close down and slaughter spell casters charging mana. Fluid Magic cannot be used to speed up the process, nor can items; Thus, Euphaire with her Energy Transfer ability is a staple in any offensively minded spell casting team. Choices for spell casters include powerful summoners such as Cybil, Deneb and Elrik. Rictor provides twofold benefit: He can use the Ignis Fatuus summon spell and also Heal magic. Eleanor as a Siren may be a good option; she can use summons and her Star Tiara attack too. Liches are also powerful; their defense is extremely high, lowering the risk of a quick kill from fast melee fighters, and Fiend's Grip is a powerful  attack. Even if you decide to use offensive spell casting you will need at least two strong melee fighters.
Strong melee choices would be Swordmaster - fast and with a strong ranged attack; Dragoon; or Knight - the Knight allows versatility as it can utilize a Heal spell which may negate the need for a weaker healer.
Ninjas, despite their speed, are too weak to stand up to a powerful attacker using an Atropos skill. Angel Knights may also be a good choice but their support abilities are less useful. A Valkyrie could be a good female option, and one equipped with a spear and Clotho can be extremely formidable. The equipment of your melee fighters should consist of a strong weapon, two defensive items, and a warp item. The warp item allows the character to get behind the enemy most of the time, raising the hit % and preventing counter-attacks. It also allows them to navigate speedily and close down the distance quickly against spell casters and archers. Also, Clotho and Atropos are extremely powerful, and they are required for any strong offensive melee team. They are just too good to not use. The self-hurt is negligible compared to the damage you deal to the enemy, and two melee users with those attacks combined with one or two healers can be extremely effective.
Other options for the team include an Archer; using Lachesis they can be somewhat powerful, and if you are starting on the top of the map it may be a good person to choose. Another option would be the fairy wins. With enough agility or Firecrests equipped they can be excellent support to a team of strong attackers. The Fairy Embrace ability allows each of them to be just as good as your best character, and the combined attack with the hero fairies is powerful and also ranged. Also, they fly, so you will not need to equip them with warp items, giving you more options to boost their defense/agility/intelligence/movement. However, using them is risky, as they are Fairies and are weak in HP. Also, they have weak attacks by themselves, without their Fairy Embrace or other abilities, and will be unable to assist in battle while charging their SP, which cannot be sped up with Euphaire's Energy Transfer. Of course, you could emulate the computer's tactics and annoy your opponent by flying to the highest and most out of reach spot and raining 10 damage arrows, but remember, he is sitting near you, and so this may not be an option if he is physically stronger than you...


The Necklace of Resist can be a strong accessory to equip to a melee character. The necklace enables the fighter to be immune to summons and magical attacks. But, the necklace does not protect the wearer from SP attacks like thunder arrow. Equipping the necklace to a Dragoon or Giant will enable them to have no weakness. A Dragoon with Clotho and the necklace can do some damage to the opposing force. Remember that because the necklace is equipped, the character CANNOT BE HEALED BY SPELLS. The Fairy's abilities are the only way to heal someone with the necklace equipped.